One Line Women's Day SMS

Yo Gal!!Smart, fun, strong, amazing..there is no reason for us to not celebrate!

U r everything a girl shld be like!Heres wishng u a womens day thats just like U

Evn wn d whole world is workng thr r a few who spnd time like u!Happy Womens Day

It's Your Day!It's Your Day! Wish a special day to a special woman!

A woman can make happiness bloom all around them!Kudos to U,Happy Womens Day!!

Its just U who is making a difference in so many ppls life!Happy Womens Day!

Like d flower who holds its dew,U hold me when i need u!Thanx-Happy Womens Day!

Thought i'd remind u today just incase it slipped out ur mind!Happy Women's Day!

If you could see it from my eyes u would know u are one gem of a Woman!

U can gt her love in al forms-mother,sister,granny,frnd,wife,so respect d Woman!

Watever u do, u do it wth grace,style warmth & smile!Happy Women's Day!

The Little things that you do matter so much to me!Thanks.Happy Womens Day!

A beautiful woman smiles in trials,keeps herself calm & grows stronger thru luv

No matter frm which angle I luk @ u, u appear 2 b an ANGEL.Happy Womens Day!

Sending u wishes to say you blossom up the world around me! Happy Women's Day!

You are Strong, Beautiful & Compassionate and much more than words cld ever say!

Woman is blend of beauty and brains,who can put all thngs right!Happy Womens Day

You are one special woman and I want you to know how very important U r this Day

Some ppl can make happiness bloom just by being the way they are!u are 1 of them

@ Work,@play@fun just everywhere u r amazing!!Happy Women's Day!

Often v leave our appreciation unspoken!2day we all say Happy Womens Day!!

This Women's Day just stand tall cos you are the most special woman of my life!!

Across the miles..comes ths wish from me to say! Happy Women's Day!!

The smarter the woman gets, the more difficult for her to find the right man!

Happy Women's Day-wishing you a day thats just like you!Really Special..

On Women's History month sending u ths txt to say I Admire U.Happy Womens Day!:)

On women's day what can i wish for, but the very best for u!Happy Women's Day!

U ve it in u 2 tk d world in ur stride!May al ur dreams cm true!Happy Womens Day

Its 8th of March..its Women's day..Wish its filled with Joy!! Happy Women's Day!

U r the Passion,U r the Mystery,U r the Magic! Happy Womens Day to d most spcl 1

Here's wishing u a wonderful time celebrating womanhood!Happy Womens Day!

Just wanted to thank U frm d bottom of my heart 4 all tht u do!Happy Womens Day!

Gathering for u a bouquet of wishes just to say you are special!Happy Womens Day

D most precious possession tht evr comes 2 a man in ths world is a womans heart!

D patience 2 listen,d strength 2 support,care is jst in a woman.Happy Womens Day

Feel special, unique, on top of the world..its ur day!! Happy Womens Day my girl

Raise a toast to a woman whos a blend of many special qualities you admire!Thanx

Ur caring ways make me bloom wth smiles & makes my world a happier place!Thanks

Just the right text for the woman who seems to be able to do it all with ease!

This is just my way of saying that u r a very special Woman in my life!Thanks!

Sometimes we feel it,bt dnt say it!Thnx 4 being d pillar of my life. Happy WDay!

Valentine SMS

If i reached for your hand , will u hold it ?
If i hold out my arms, will u hug me ?
If i go for your lips, will u kiss me ?
If i capture ur heart , will u love me ??

When i look at you,
i cannot deny there is God,
cause only God could have created some one
as wonderful n beautiful as you

If Your asking if I Need U the answer is 4Ever..
If Your askin if I'll Leave U the answer is Never..
If Your askin what I value the Answer is U..
if Your askin if I love U the answer is I do.

Birthday SMS

Live as long as you may. The first twenty years are the longest half of your life.
Robert Southey

At twenty years of age, the will reigns; at thirty, the wit; and at forty, the judgement.

Benjamin Franklin

When a man is tired of life on his 21st birthday it indicates that he is rather tired of something in himself.

F Scott Fitzgerald

All the world is birthday cake, so take a piece, but not too much.

George Harrison

Birthdays are nature’s way of telling us to eat more cake.

Author Unknown

Real birthdays are not annual affairs. Real birthdays are the days when we have a new birth.

Ralph Parlette

And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.

Abraham Lincoln

There are three hundred and sixty-four days when you might get un-birthday presents ... and only one for birthday presents, you know.

Lewis Carroll

Because time itself is like a spiral, something special happens on your birthday each year: The same energy that God invested in you at birth is present once again.

Menachem Mendel Schneerson

Believing hear, what you deserve to hear:

Your birthday as my own to me is dear...
But yours gives most; for mine did only lend
Me to the world; yours gave to me a friend.

Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest.

Larry Lorenzoni

Finally 21, and legally able to do everything I've been doing since 15.

Author Unknown

Youth is happy because it has the ability to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.

Franz Kafka

A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip.

Author Unknown

Nature gives you the face you have at twenty, but it's up to you to merit the face you have at fifty.

Coco Chanel

My heart is like a singing bird... Because the birthday of my life is come, my love, is come to me.

Christina Rossetti

How swift have flown

To me thy girlish times,
A woman grown beneath
My heedless eyes!
In vain I rack
My fancy to believe
The almanac,
That speaks thee twenty-one.
Charles Lamb

Wisdom doesn't necessarily come with age. Sometimes age just shows up all by itself.

Tom Wilson

Here's a birthday spanking,

Sent you on a card,
One, Two, Three,
Put them right on hard,
Four, Five, Six
One to live on, one to grow on,
One to make you fat…
Author Unknown

It takes a long time to grow young.

Pablo Picasso

Just remember, once you're over the hill you begin to pick up speed.

Charles Schulz

May you live to be 100 and may the last voice you hear be mine.

Frank Sinatra

Our birthdays are feathers in the broad wing of time.

Jean Paul Richter

The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.

Lucille Ball

There is still no cure for the common birthday.

John Glenn

They say that age is all in your mind. The trick is keeping it from creeping down into your body.

Author Unknown

Whatever with the past has gone, The best is always yet to come.

Lucy Larcom

You are only young once, but you can stay immature indefinitely.

Author Unknown

You grow up the day you have your first real laugh yourself.

Ethel Barrymore

Youth is a disease from which we all recover.

Dorothy Fulheim